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Tell Your Legislator: Vote “NO” on S 511!

New Jersey jobs are STILL AT RISK. Governor Murphy issued a conditional veto of S511/A1474—legislation that will eliminate temporary and temporary-to-permanent staffing as a feasible option for most employers and workers. Unfortunately, changes in the conditional veto are not enough, and passage of the conditional veto would cause more harm than good for New Jersey temporary workers.

Urge your legislators to support a better option that would strike the right balance between protecting temporary employees and allowing staffing agencies to continue successfully placing people in jobs. We need a bill that would protect temporary workers from individuals who would take advantage of them without further harming individuals re-entering the workforce and non-traditional workers whose circumstances require different work opportunities. We MUST preserve the chance of work for thousands of New Jerseyans, including the long-term unemployed, the under-employed, veterans, single mothers, those previously incarcerated, and others who are too often overlooked.

We can still stop this harmful legislation from killing thousands of critical temporary jobs in New Jersey. Ask your state legislators to REJECT the governor’s conditional veto and work with their colleagues to PASS a better solution to protect workers and businesses alike.

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